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English4Fun! - Forum Rules

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English4Fun! - Forum Rules

Post by Anita on Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:17 pm

WinkHi everyone! From now I wish an excellent day for all of you. Very Happy
In order to take care of our dear house, the following are suggestions to use this forum. Please read it carefully and feel free to suggest or comment on it. In advance, thanks indeed for your participation!

All the registered members are able to open new threads in forums, as long as they belong to the correct category. If you're going to open a new topic, make sure it doesn't exist yet in order to avoid repetition and saturation. The Admins and moderators may delete or move topics if necessary.

A good title and a friendly intro are vital for a successful thread.

Don't go off-topic! This can bring as a result an unserious topic development, so Admins and Moderators are likely to delete those posts that deviate the topic harshly. The idea is to use these interactive spaces in an organised way!

In case any topic or message is against any parameter of cohexistance, the Admins and Moderators have the right to delete such posts. Don't forget to report the messages which deserve attention!

This message board is a community where friendship, good sense of humour, relevant data, critical comments and constructive ideas are more than welcome!

Every time you participate on a topic, please don't forget to check spelling, punctuation and style. There's nothing like a friendly message with correct spelling, punctuation and style! It's not suitable to write a whole upper-case message, there's no need to shout! Also watch over your message extension! Make sure your posts are as concrete as possible, unless the topic deserves such long extension.

Also, watch over the images you post, this includes signatures. Make sure the file of your image doesn't overcome the 1000 pixels, since it would affect the dimensions of the page and, therefore, how easy it is to follow the thread. The Admins and Moderators may edit irregular images. We hope you'll take care of the images you post!

All the members belonging to this forum are good friends! Therefore there's no need of offending regardless of our likes, race, birthplace, beliefs, ideologies, tendencies, etc. You can share agreements and disagreements in a sensible way and without hurting anyone. This includes witty comments which can hurt anyone, which would end up in the deletion of the post. Let's make this a space of respect! Then watch over your words and expressions, your direct and indirect ideas and the mood of your comments. People who do not conform to these criteria might be banned and even eliminated from the Member list.

Unless it is very general information, it is suggested posting the info source when you are publishing news or events so as to make your information reliable and valid.

The idea is to share ideas and information! Every warez link will be forbidden, including downloads or data that violates copyrights, illegal downloads of albums, books and videos. The only possible downloads are: authorised broadcast, free interviews and articles, educative material with the author or publisher's permission. The Admins and Moderators are able to delete any post or thread that violates this criterion. Thanks for your help!

The Admins and Moderators can also control and avoid any kind of sale. Users who do not conform to this criterion can be banned and even eliminated from our Member list.

These are other vital aspects for the welfare of our forum:

An active and concrete participation will make this corner a memorable site! So dont stop visiting the topics of interest for upcoming news, events and data. Let's make our participation constant and constructive!

Don't forget you're free to participate in any topic, as well as create new threads and polls.

Every time there's an irregular aspect on the forum, please don't forget to report it to the Admins or Moderators! These people's mission is to keep everything in order.

There will be a forum cleaning day frequently. If there's any topic which should have remained, please contact the Admins or Moderators!

This is all for now! Don't forget to comment on other aspects which were left in this list.
I love you!
Very Happy

See you in no time!

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